Schallberger Dairy Farm near Raleigh Hills

The Doc Hickman memoir on our website has an interesting story about a farm near the Raleigh Hills intersection:

Vanport Flood: During high school, Doc worked for the Schallberger Dairy farm. It was located off of Scholls Ferry Road, just south near the Raleigh Hills intersection. In 1948 at the time of the great Vanport flood in north Portland, Mrs. Schallberger had gone to Switzerland to visit family.  One of the family members had taken a nice photo of the dairy farm to send her but then forgot to turn the dial to move the photo on to the next space on the camera.  Another photo of the terrible Vanport flood got overlaid on top of the Schallberger farm to present an alarming photo.  They were afraid to send this photo to Switzerland fearing that it would be misinterpreted.  After the Vanport flood, a young family stayed the summer with the Hickman’s in their 7 bedroom house until they found other housing.