Mark your calendar for our 11th Annual Shred Event - April 22, 2023


Annual Shop With A Cop (Winter Project)

Traditionally, this event helps foster positive relationships between youth and officers. Kids, K - 5th grade, are selected each holiday season to shop for gifts for their immediate family. Each child is given a small amount of money to spend,  approximately 1-2 children are assigned to each Officer, who then escorts them around the store and assists in selecting appropriate gifts. After shopping, the children will eat lunch, wrap their gifts, and continue to get to know the Washington County Support Staff and Officers, building positive connections in our neighborhoods.

2021 - as in 2020, COVID impacted the ability to do things as in the past, but Shop With A Cop is going forward. Families are selected by the local school. The School, Raleigh Park Elementary in our situation, works with the Sheriff's Office to identify the family needs. Volunteers make the purchases, and other items in need, along with food boxes. Because of the generosity of our members and their friends and colleagues, we were able to help 15 students and their families (helping over 75 family members) in 2020 and 2021 . Donations may be accepted by check at Kristl Oliver American Family Insurance OfficeRHBA,  or online by debit or credit.  We'll happily accept any and all donations, but your contribution will go further if paid by check!

Shop With A CopThank you for participating in our Winter Project to make the lives of those less fortunate a little better. It is one of the ways we live our mission: To Support the community of Raleigh Hills: to promote a vibrant business environment, maintain a safe and healthy climate, create community consciousness, and maximize livability.

Neighborhood House SW HOPE Community Food Drive Feb 28-April 10, 2022

Neighborhood House, has asked for donations of various kinds, to fill the needs of their clients...from Children to Seniors. SW HOPE link here: SW HOPE Community Food Drive | Neighborhood House ( . They are asking for donations but do take everything from hand sanitizer, masks, rain boots and coats, individually wrapped healthy snacks, gloves, and gift cards...and more.

What is Neighborhood House? Neighborhood House brings neighbors together to reduce hunger and homelessness and to educate both young and old, strengthening our community by providing resources to support self-reliance, economic independence, and dignity in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Your generosity matters! Thank you Raleigh Hills Business Association Member's for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Annual Back Pack Program

We were able to collect for Raleigh Park Elementary School, more than five heaping bags of school supplies, and some cash donations, to fill their requested needs for their students. We greatly appreciated Cheers to You Party Signs for being our donation site this year.

Join Us on Zoom on 1st Wednesdays! Guest are Welcome!

At 8am, on the First Wednesday each month, our RHBA Membership Meeting gets underway!

Featuring a Member Speaker, you'll also have the opportunity to introduce yourself and business

to a broader community, while learning more details about another business entities in our area.

Join Zoom Meeting Here:
Meeting ID: 870 4537 3262  Passcode: 986634  Dial (if no Internet): +1 669 900 6833   Meeting ID: 870 4537 3262  Passcode: 986634


RHBA Zoom Business Meeting

The business meeting is the first Wednesday of each month and is open to the public. We do a little networking, welcome visitors and enjoy a presentation by a local business. The meeting starts at 8am and is concluded by 9am, giving everyone a chance to make it to work on time. Having a well-established network has become an important part of our business lives. The easiest way to expand your network is to build on the relationships with people you know.

At 8am the First Wednesday of each month.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 870 4537 3262  Passcode: 986634  Dial (if no Internet): +1 669 900 6833

Casual, Get to Know You, No-Host Lunch

Offering a second monthly opportunity to share our businesses with others, our no-host lunch is held on the third Wednesday from Noon - 1pm. It is a low structured event for the benefit of networking, getting to know one another, and meeting others to generate referrals. We are meeting in person, outdoor, if possible, so dress for the weather.

Noon to 1pm, Third Wednesday of each month, at Ernesto's, 8544 SW Apple Way Portland, OR 97225.

Annual Holiday Party

Each year our December Membership Meeting is held in the evening rather than the morning and we call it the Holiday Party. This is a fun, meet and greet, casual gathering to visit with one another, share our business and get to know each other.  Often a social action project is involved. We have supported Sunshine Pantry, Home Plate Youth Services, Neighborhood House in past years. One of the ways RHBA makes a difference in our community, while having an enjoyable experience too.


We play together, work together and generously give back to the community together. It may be our 1st Wednesday Membership Meeting,  our 3rd Wednesday Lunch Gathering, at the Annual Shred Event, Shop With A Cop, Back Pack program, RHBA is there.

Join Us in our efforts to support the community of Raleigh Hills, by promoting a vibrant business environment, maintaining a safe and healthy business climate, creating community consciousness and maximizing livability.


Thanks to the efforts of member Diane Snedecor of Mountain Man Nut and Fruit, each year we shred documents protecting the identity of countless citizens in the area. The event has grown from a simple shred event truck to recycling, E-Waste Recycling by SBCRecycle, printer cartridges with Cartridge Network household items with Community Warehouse and non-perishable food donations with Neighborhood House. Click on the links to see what items are needed or taken for donations.

A RHBA service to promote a vibrant business environment and increase livability in the Raleigh Hills area.

See the 2021 Shred video from Member Business Dizon Photography!

Five Tips To Help Find ID Theft

  1. Read all of your credit card statement and your bank statement, Look for things that are out of place or that you do not recognize.
  2. Know when your bills are due. If they do not arrive on time – make a call and find out why. Most are computer generated and should show up in time for you to snail-mail a check which is by the way the best way to pay. Not online.
  3. Read all statements from your health care provider and insurance. Again, look for things that are out of place such as a treatment you never received.
  4. Shred any document you get with personal id information on it when you no longer need it. Be sure to include the barcode where all the info is contained.
  5. Review each of your credit reports each year. They are free and you should see nothing out of the ordinary from year to year.

NOTE: This activity is all after the fact data. If you find a problem here you can go to and start the correction process. They have some helpful ideas.