Annual Shop With A Cop (Winter Project)

Each year RHBA partners with Washington County Sheriff's Office and Raleigh Park Elementary School with their annual "Shop With A Cop" holiday event. This event helps foster positive relationships between youth and officers. Kids, K-5th, are selected each holiday season to shop for gifts for their immediate family. Each child is paired with a Washington County Sheriff Officer who then shop together selecting appropriate gifts for their siblings and parents. After shopping, the children and officers eat lunch, wrap their gifts, and continue to get to know the Washington County Support Staff and Officers, building positive connections in our neighborhoods. RHBA Members help with the shopping, providing the lunch, treats and in other ways as needed!

The school, Raleigh Park Elementary in our situation, works with the Sheriff's Office to identify the family needs. Volunteers make the purchases, and other items in need,  along with food boxes. Because of the generosity of our members and their friends and colleagues, we were able to help 15 students in 2023 . Donations are accepted online by debit or credit.

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Shop With A CopCommunity service projects are ways we live our mission: To Support the community of Raleigh Hills: to promote a vibrant business environment, maintain a safe and healthy climate, create community consciousness, and maximize livability.

  October 21st Valley Community Presbyterian Church Community Shred/Recycle Event from 9am to Noon

Valley Community Presbyterian Church, located at the corner of Laurelwood and Brentwood Streets is a vibrant faith community rooted in the neighborhood for the last 8 decades; their building is used for church events/worship and hosts a myriad of community gatherings and classes.  They are an Earthcare congregation who offers ongoing recycling collection... their next community recycling event is on October 21 from 9 to Noon and they are partnering with James Recycling who will be accepting plastics #1, 2, 4, and 5 at Raleigh Park School, along with their own collecting of Styrofoam and #6 plastics, electronic recycling, plastic film and natural corks, Community Warehouse - furniture and household items, athletic shoes, books, textiles - usable and non-usable, non-perishable food and returnable bottles and cans. More details here.




Mark your calendar for our 12th Annual Shred Event - April 20, 2024          (Spring Project)


    Annual School Supply Drive (Fall Project)

Our Annual Fall Community Service Project supports Raleigh Park Elementary School by providing needed school supplies for grades K-5.  Members, and friends, donate school supplies (see the list below) and/or cash to help the school support the kids in need. RHBA will be accepting donations through Sept. 20th. Your contribution can be brought to either of the next two lunches at Ernesto's, or at the following two member business locations: Cartridge Network and Raleigh Hills Fidelity National Title.

School Supplies donation link: Raleigh Hills Business Association

Supplies List:  Supply List - Raleigh Park Elementary (

RHBA monthly morning Zoom Member 1st Wednesday!

Guests are Welcome!

The member business meeting is the first Wednesday of each month and is open to the public. We do a little networking, welcome visitors and enjoy a presentation by a local member business: Featuring a Member Speaker. The meeting starts at 8am and is concluded by 9am, giving everyone a chance to make it to work on time. Having a well-established network has become an important part of our business lives. The easiest way to expand your network is to build on the relationships with people you know.

At 8am the First Wednesday of each month.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 870 4537 3262  Passcode: 986634  Dial (if no Internet): +1 669 900 6833

Casual, Get to Know You

Monthly No-Host Lunch

3rd Wednesday of the month
Guests are Welcome!

Offering a second monthly opportunity to share our businesses with others, our no-host lunch is held on the third Wednesday from Noon - 1pm. It is a low structured event for the benefit of networking, getting to know one another, and meeting others to generate referrals. We are meeting in person, outdoor, if possible, so dress for the weather.

Noon to 1pm, Third Wednesday of each month, at Ernesto's, 8544 SW Apple Way Portland, OR 97225.


We play together, work together and generously give back to the community together. It may be our 1st Wednesday Membership Meeting,  our 3rd Wednesday Lunch Gathering, at the Annual Shred Event, School Supply Drive, Shop With A Cop, RHBA is there.

Join Us in our efforts to support the community of Raleigh Hills, by promoting a vibrant business environment, maintaining a safe and healthy business climate, creating community consciousness and maximizing livability.

  RHBA the Heart of the Community!