Membership Drive






It’s Easy, It Helps other Businesses, It Helps Your Business!

Download and print a member directory, RHBA business card and a leave behind flyer

Keep these in your car, purse, backpack

When you stop in to a business, bring your packet and introduce yourself to the manager/owner.

Tell them in your own words what RHBA membership has meant to you and your business.

Show them the directory and point out other businesses that are members.

Mention that membership is only $100 for the first year, $75 to renew.

Leave the packet with them.


 Here’s where to download the materials: Membership Building We will put the link on our website.

 Feel free to modify the business card to use your name. The QR code links to our website.

 Contest runs from March 1 to May 31.

 In case of a tie, the winner will be drawn at random.

 Have fun and grow your network!

Welcome to the Raleigh Hills Business Association.

The mission of the Raleigh Hills Business Association is to support the community of Raleigh Hills; to promote a vibrant business environment, maintain a safe & healthy climate, create community consciousness & maximize livability.

What Does My RHBA Membership Give Me?

  • Your business listed in our online directory, with your coveted backlinks to your website.
  • Two monthly networking events, with other business professionals, in the Raleigh Hills and surrounding area.
  • Ability to connect with your community on a deeper level, including assisting charitable/municipal organizations.
  • Participation and promotion of your business at RHBA activities.
  • Opportunity to support Raleigh Hills business owners, schools, county agencies and non-profit entities.
  • A Vote at our Annual Business Meeting.
  • Make a difference in our greater community, by being knowledgeable about what is happening in our area.

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