West Slope Community Library

Mission & Strategic Plan for West Slope Community Library

Mission: West Slope Community Library provides people of all ages and backgrounds with access and guidance to information and materials that reflect all points of view. The Library serves residents of Washington County by being a resource and connecting people with materials and a space that meet their cultural, recreational, and lifelong learning needs.

Strategic Plan: 2016-2020

Library Values: The West Slope Community Library serves the community by being a welcoming place that is inclusive, inviting, and informative with equal access for all.

·         We embrace the diversity of the community.

·         We are a place to learn, explore and imagine.

·         We promote reading for education and pleasure.

·         We offer a diverse collection of materials and programs.

·         We value seizing new opportunities and adapting to new challenges.


1. Welcoming Library Spaces: The library will serve people of all ages and backgrounds by being a vibrant neighborhood center that is attractive, safe, and welcoming to all.


·         Improve customer service strategies through staff meetings, discussions and training.

·         Petition Washington County to install walkways along 78th Ave to Raleigh Park and the library.

·         Install bicycle parking.

·         Hire a library space design consultant.

·         Update exterior of library and install new exterior signs.

·         Redesign front desk and public areas.

·         Rearrange collection for users according to recommendations of the design consultant.

2. Information Technology and Instruction: Residents will have access to basic and emerging technology that connects them to the world of knowledge and information and with each other.


·         Provide scanner and fax services.

·         Provide color and wireless printing.

·         Provide a basic technology manual for computer users.

·         Develop app recommendation and discussion programs for adults, teens, and parents.

·         Complete Edge Initiative library technology assessment.

·         Help library staff meet technology competencies. (Developed by WCCLS Adult Services Committee.)

3. Reading Readiness: Infants, toddlers, preschool, elementary school children will have access to collections, programs, and services that will help them develop a lifelong love of books, reading, and learning.


·         Provide Storytime’s for various ages and literacy levels.

·         Provide summer reading programs.

·         Develop programs for parents of preschoolers (e.g., sign language classes).

·         Make connections with neighborhood preschools.

·         Develop programs to inform parents about the library and library programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

4. Community Resources: Residents will have a central source for information about the wide variety of programs, services and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.


·         Staff training on resources(211, WorkSource, schools)

·         Develop and maintain an information packet for new community residents

·         Compile reference documents for staff

·         Promote resources though our website and social media.

·         Build and organize a browsable collection of free community publications

·         Present programs on Community Resources (earthquake preparedness, housing issue).

·         Monitor local issues and respond with informational resources(e.g., NW earthquake alert)

Maintain & Enhance Core Services:

·         Reference and Readers Advisory : Residents will have someone to answer their questions on a wide array of topics of personal interest.

·         Reading Readiness: Infants, toddlers and preschool children will have access to collections, programs, and services that will help them develop a lifelong love of books, reading and learning.

·         New and Popular Material: Children, teens and adults will have access to materials, programs and services that simulate the imagination and provide a variety of leisure activities and experiences.

·         Basic Technology Access: Residents will have access to basic and emerging technology that connects them to the world of knowledge and information.

·         Lifelong Learning (programs): Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

West Slope Community Engagement:

·         Raleigh Park Elementary School/PTO

·         Raleigh Hills Elementary School

·         Raleigh Hills Business Association

·         Valley Presbyterian Church

·         Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation

·         Fir Grove Garden Club

·         Local Preschools

·         Local Businesses (Drinkery, Postal Annex, Courtyard Village, New Seasons, Starbucks, Advanced Camera)

·         Eagle Scouts

·         WorkSource Oregon

·         Washington County Sheriff (national night out)

·         Local Artists


Facilitator: Linda Lybecker

Planning Committee

·         Doug Bigelow / Advisory Board

·         Lee Ann Barth / Advisory Board

·         Alice Murphy / Advisory Board

·         Jane Weissman / Advisory Board

·         Kirsten Webb / Friends of West Slope Library


·         Veronica Eden

·         PJ Bentley

·         Kirsten Freeman-Benson


Posted March 29, 2017